Softening Warrior- A New Poem

lotus flower in pond
Deep currents rise
Spilling over my skin’s shores
Softening warrior-self
I am asked to put down the sword with imperfectly sharpened edges
Laying it to rest and
Soften with grace’s tide
In softness
we receive
we surrender
Standing perfectly in
Our wholeness
Our own truth
The only sword we ever needed.
-Written 7/30/2015 on Guru Purnima by Elizabeth Farrell

In my personal life, I am working on softening. I am working on letting go of the warrior-self I had created for protection that allowed me to work in challenging environments, and experience difficult life happenings. When we surrender our identity-created selves, we can then step into our own beautiful truth bringing a sense of completeness to our being.

May we all be warriors of light, love, and peace.

New Poem


There is a hawk that lives in a tree by my house. It is a frequent visitor. I see this as pure magic. This poem is inspired by my hawk-friend.

We rise

over and over again

our wings take flight

we soar

our feathers

woven in wisdom

our wings carry echoes

of how we have left our other self  in pieces to rest

how we have lifted our heavy wings

to light.

“Old Friend” A poem.


Lately, retreating inwards feels right. So much has happened, and the quiet heals me. I have been feeling silent like this feather, which is one of many I have found along the way. My feathers are now scattered in my front yard. I released them and their stories into the wind. How do you hold onto something that was meant to fly and be light?



I wrote this poem for an old friend. It came out of the silence I have been craving and needing.

“Old Friend”

Snow sky

lit with heaven light

The horizon ebbs

like a quiet river

waking a constant presence

like a quiet mantra for hope spun in gold.