Stepping into ourselves, we settle into our purpose, which allows our gifts to blossom, be seen, and flourish. -Elizabeth

For the past few months, I have been spending a lot of time assessing, losing myself, wandering different planes, and have ended up mostly confused. I have found myself asking myself what the F’ is going on almost every day. I felt like I entered a vortex. During these times, I hole up and want nothing more than to stay in my sacred space. Last night my husband came home and said, “Beth you created an ashram. What goddess are you honoring tonight or is it just the light?” Mostly, all of it, goddesses and all.

When you begin to step further into yourself and accept your gifts, you settle into your purpose. You re-organize yourself and life to begin to share those gifts. Before any of that can happen, you have to accept your gifts for real. You have to own them. This is what I realized about myself. I have been afraid and uncomfortable with some of my gifts. As a child I was mostly scared of my psychic intuition and kept it hidden. My husband says that I scare him because I know exactly what he’s thinking without him saying anything.

Once we feel safe, comfortable, and settle into who we are, I believe that we then flourish and blossom.

I have been assessing what direction I am heading as well as where I am putting my efforts. I am notorious for adding too much to my schedule. In the spirit of the autumn and coming cold months, I am desiring simplicity big time. I have decided to move my blog to my main site You can read all of my new blog posts from there going forward. For a short time, I will post a link to all new blog posts here for you to be redirected to the other site.

Thank you for being part of this blog space, and I look forward to sharing more at

My deepest blessings and gratitude,


What do you want?


What do you want? Have you ever been asked that question? And, sat there thinking for like hours about what is you really want.

The answer is there. It is not what anyone else wants for you. It is not what your parents, friends, ancestors, and or advisors want for you. It is what YOU want.

It is a question that goes straight to your gut and goes straight to your jugular (as my writing teacher used to say).

We all are conditioned into an answer of what others may have projected onto us starting at birth, and usually this is not what we want. I can see how my wants for Indira may not at all be what she wants in the future.

When I am asked this question I am always stunned, and sometimes have no idea what to say. Why? Because, most of us don’t get asked this question very often. So, when I was asked recently I paused. I had to get clear and connected to hear exactly what it is that I want. Sometimes, it’s unattainable in the moment. Like right now, I want a beach vacation with a book, my journal, palm trees, and crystal clear waters a la Costa Rica.

What do you want? Listen to that deep, quiet voice that rises out of the depths of your core-self. It has something to say.

For the Unheard- A New Poem

water runs-3

This poem has been working it’s way through me for days now and finally it has arrived.

For the Unheard

by Beth Farrell



We become

We are photo-shopped






(for your delight)


(for generations)

in a man’s story

told to

stay quiet

told that

our power is (less)

told to say yes

and never no


Our voice


Rages in streams

In rivers

In oceans

In rain

In rivers

Our voices

Rage together

And Together


Soften stone

Inscribe wisdom onto riverbanks

Forge new waterways

For our daughters who will

Demand to be


Healing Indira


I am happy to report that I am launching my new website today–Healing Indira. Healing Indira is inspired by daughter who has a rare genetic condition called Tuberous Sclerosis Complex. You can learn more about it on my website. She is my hero and greatest teacher. She is an inspiration to all of us.

Sometimes our greatest challenges in life spark our purpose. May we all spread love, kindness, compassion, and share our gifts with the world.

(You will still find me here writing this blog.)

Notes on Healing

As I dove into the energy of the new moon the other day, I realized I wasn’t on time with my blog post. I’ve noticed the synchronicity of my blog and the moon cycle, and I missed it. Life has kept me in its busy flow.

In my own experience and in working with clients as a Reiki Master practitioner, yoga teacher, and health coach the healing journey unfolds. This journey takes us inside ourselves as we begin to unravel and uncover our deepest selves.

A list of reflections came to me over the past few weeks, and I share them with you along with a video of the ocean for all of us ocean-starved.

  1. Our body, mind, spirit, and emotional being want to heal. Our truest nature is vibrant and healthy. Our cells want to thrive and continue thriving. Our DNA wants to be full functioning.
  2. The question, “Do you want to get better?” is often asked. Personally, I like “What part of yourself are you not loving?” When I ask myself this question an answer usually arrives. The question then is what do I do with that answer. This is where actions come in, such as taking more time for myself, asking for help (not easy for me to do by the way), or rewiring my thought patterns.
  3. When we begin to take steps towards loving ourselves, we begin to heal ourselves.
  4. Illness has a purpose. Sounds crazy, I know. When we are tired of being sick, we become empowered to start taking care of ourselves by changing our lifestyle, and learning to take care of ourselves. Being sick is a wake up call to our higher selves.
  5. Healing is like peeling back layers of an onion. You start with the outside and go deeper. You may heal the symptoms of your condition and for many that is huge. However, there are many layers that go beyond the physical symptoms. We also must look at the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects.
  6. The more you identify with your sickness and continue to create a life around that sickness, I believe it continues to live on and perpetuate. By saying, “I am sick” or “I am X condition” we lose ourselves to it and become powerless to our disease.
  7. Get in touch with your body. Listen to it. Settle into it. Learn what it needs. Learn what makes your cells spark and ignite. Learn a practice to ground you into your body—like yoga or qi gong.
  8. The love prescription. I feel deeply that having love in our lives is an important aspect to our healing.
  9. Healing takes time, and often we lose patience with the process. Healing may take years or it may take a little bit longer.

As I finish writing this I am struck with the truth that it may take my adrenal glands years to heal from 2-years of sleepless nights from my daughter not sleeping through the night. And, so it’s time to practice yoga. That will help.

Healing is a process. We all are on the journey together.

Being Vulnerable


We have shells, an external skin, which says “I am strong, resilient.” Our shells have stories dense with plot, conflict, pivotal characters, happiness, wounds, and trauma. We have shells as a form of protection that keep us thinking of how strong and tough we are. I have that very story. The one that stays strong and resilient in all situations no matter how deeply challenging it may be to do so. We all have a tipping point when we reach a place where we can no longer keep our shell.

We suddenly soften allowing ourselves to be humbled and vulnerable. Scary. Very scary. Now what?

Being vulnerable and allowing ourselves to be humbled by our deep experience takes strength of a different kind. It is the working of grace. Complete grace. With grace underfoot we can release into the grace of our heart wisdom. We allow softness to pervade instead of our hardened shell.

I am not versed in vulnerability, and don’t allow myself to be vulnerable. So, I started with telling the truth, and reaching out of my very own shell. And, I quietly cringe.

(The oddest thing is that for the past two days there has been a snake skin outside of our back door. I haven’t moved it. It’s still very much there, and I can’t seem to move it. A reminder.)

Blessings to you, and thank you for reading.

Autumn Love

yellow tree

I love autumn. I love to cocoon in comfort. Autumn brings me closer to the Earth element—heavy, grounded, solid, and nourishing. During this time I like to incorporate grounding and nourishing practices inspired by Ayurveda.

  1. Warming, nourishing foods like soups, stews, and kitchari, while favoring slow cooked meats and limiting raw vegetables and cold foods as well as adding just enough spice to all of my recipes for digestion.
  2. Adding oils internally and externally. I add additional oils and fats to my diet and add Abhyanga to my daily routine. The drying nature of a New Mexico Autumn requires the extra nourishing qualities of oils.
  3. Chai every morning to jump start my day and digestion.
  4. Licorice spice tea after dinner. Licorice root is not right for everyone, and for some it is too much. I wouldn’t suggest mixing this tea with milk.
  5. Spending time in nature giving thanks for the blessings of the Earth and savoring the changes of the season
  6. Clear IT OUT to go IN. Clear out the clutter that can weigh your spirit down, whether it is excess stuff like clothes, or energy-stuff. It always feels good to clear it all out. I always think that a virus or cold is one way that our body energetically clears itself. Once we have cleared ourselves, and our closets, we can start our time journeying inwards with a clean, clear slate so we can fully, rest, nourish, and gain clarity as we begin to quiet down for the rest of the fall and into winter.


Cranberry Lemon Muffins

1/2 Cup coconut flour

1/2 Tsp salt

1/2 Tsp baking soda

6 eggs

1 Tbs maple syrup

1/3 Cup butter or coconut oil melted

3 Drops lemon essential oil from DoTerra

1 Cup whole cranberries

Combine all dry ingredients together in a bowl. Gently whisk eggs with maple syrup, melted butter, and lemon essential oil. Fold egg mixture into dry ingredients and combine thoroughly. Then, add cranberries. Place batter into lined or buttered muffin tins. Bake 350 until the muffins are light brown about 15 minutes.

Licorice Spice Tea

3 Sticks of whole licorice  (found in the herb section of the grocery store or online at Mountain Rose Herbs)

1-2 Pinches whole fennel seeds

2-3 Slices fresh ginger peeled and then sliced

1-2 Pinches whole coriander

2-3 Cups water

Simmer all ingredients for about 20 minutes. Drain and drink. You can add as much spice as you would like.

Slow Cooked Turkey Legs

1 Turkey leg per person

1 Whole onion chopped

2 Cloves garlic

1/2 Cup red wine

Salt and pepper to taste

Enough water to cover all ingredients and simmer throughout the day.

Take all ingredients and place in your crock pot. Turn it on high and let cook until the meat falls off of the bone. Serve with cooked greens or mashed sweet potatoes. This is a great dish for those of us that don’t have the time to cook an elaborate meal and want something easy and nourishing. Use farm raised organic meat if possible.

Happy Fall Equinox


Day of Ancestors Meditation

I listen to your stories woven in the wind

of lineage

of crossings

of hardships

of saints.

I listen,

Heal your lineage,

awaken your lives with deep awareness

honor ancient wisdom that speaks quietly in the leaves of our unified family tree.


Blessings on this Autumn Equinox! And, all of the abundance that the fall harvest brings, like butternut squash soup, cozy sweaters, golden sunsets, and spell binding winds of change.




Every Aspect

It is not enough to be busy. So are the ants.

The question is; what are we busy about?

-Henry David Thoreau

Every aspect, EVERY, aspect of our lives is important. When we don’t focus on one area of our lives and give it attention, it changes and morphs into something else. That one area that we didn’t pay attention to can become something less than desirable like ill health, empty bank accounts, and lost love. When we lose our health, we have forgotten about our own needs. In our super busy lives, we can’t always focus on every area of our life. I can’t. The lesson every part of our life is important, and deserves attention. They say god(goddess) is in the details, and it may just be true.

(The funny thing about this lesson and this quote is that there are sugar ants all over my house that I can’t get rid of. I get rid of them and they come again. My daughter seems to be feeding them her small scraps. Damn those ants are persistent.)