Oh, Venus!

Venus, cometh! Venus the planet that represents the divine feminine arrives transiting between Sun and Moon right after the awesome full moon of yesterday. Can you feel it? This is when I say “Bring it On!” Who knows what will happen with this astrological event. I am excited.

The alignment between the Sun, Moon, and Venus represents the awakening of the divine feminine. In Sanskrit Venus means Shukra or white. In Vedic astrology the risings and settings of Venus represent death and rebirth and forms a serpent in the sky or the death and rebirth serpent, which is akin kundalini shakti, while the planet itself represents desire and governs the reproduction system and artistic talent. (From Light on Life by Hart de Fouw & Robert Svoboda) Hmm.

Energetically, I see this as a time to live fully in your heart, create your life from a place of your heart’s inner-most desires, a time of relationship building and co-creation, a time when we feel synergy, union, and awakening. Yet, on the shadow side of this energy we must be prepared for the “deaths” or drastic changes that may happen in our lives, as that is in the serpent energy as well as in the energy of transformation and rebirth. In this, I see the deaths as elements of our lives that are no longer in alignment with our highest good or purpose. We must transform and allow the death of what is not benefiting us to take place and let the process unfold, so we may come into more of our truth. With all of the changes abounding and the energetic shifts happening, breathing, yoga, being in nature and nourishment through food and community are so important. Take time if you can to feel what is happening in your self, and listen for guidance. Now, is the time to listen deeply. With that listening came this poem and it came from this crow that loves to wake me up in the morning.  It’s that good ole’ crow totem spreading its magic into my life that always gets me.  Here is a poem I wrote this morning inspired by Venus and the crow.


“The Venus-Crow”
Crow, you awaken
my beloved and I
this morning with your song
like no other
like sounds of death and rebirth
meeting in holy blazes on that tree outside

Crow, you awaken
my beloved and I
like Venus’ transit
between Sun and Moon
riding on a serpent’s back
awakening us all
to the calls of the Divine

Will we listen?

Crow Magic

Lately, black crows keep appearing. They seem to be everywhere.  I did some journeying and they showed up, appearing with their signature sound.  Crow medicine shows us to see magic in our lives and to manifest the magic of life. They also represent spiritual strength and creation. I’m going to listen to the crow and see the magic of life, and create some too.

This is another crow poem I wrote. I wrote this poem on the day of silence.

“Crow Magic”

crow your wings
fall with snow
prisms of stillness appear in the dance of quartz
like snowflakes touching lips
like kisses of magic, kisses of sacred
we are as silent as snowflakes
and we fall like crows wings to
stillness and no words.

Black Crow Lessons

Black crow
we meet
as i pass by
you sit on the edge of red pick-up truck, with polished silver rims, that spin
black feathers shine like midnight in daylight
our eyes meet
black eyes i recognize you
ancestor, what do you say?

by Elizabeth Farrell

Trust.  Such a simple word with so much meaning. Trusting someone else, trusting that ‘it will all be okay’, trusting that you made the right decision, trusting that somehow you will make it up the mountain, and then down again, trusting that the relationship you have just embraced won’t cause pain this time, trusting you will wake up in the morning, trusting yourself, trusting your intuition. Trust. The truth is it is  hard to trust. It takes so much letting go. My mantra lately is “just trust.” I’m beyond the 108 mala count. I’ve gotten tired of the voice that brings me into fear and doubt. So, I tell it to shut-up. I have the choice not to listen to fear and live in that space. I have realized that when we let go, accept, and stop listening to fear, we come to know the freedom of trusting divine order. We can rest in what the crow teaches: the magic of life, the magic of sacred law, the magic of our own creation. And, yes it is like flying on the back of a crow…it’s taking a leap on the wings of a black winged bird who knows the destination.