Healing Indira


I am happy to report that I am launching my new website today–Healing Indira. Healing Indira is inspired by daughter who has a rare genetic condition called Tuberous Sclerosis Complex. You can learn more about it on my website. She is my hero and greatest teacher. She is an inspiration to all of us.

Sometimes our greatest challenges in life spark our purpose. May we all spread love, kindness, compassion, and share our gifts with the world.

(You will still find me here writing this blog.)

Shadow and Light


We are being asked to allow light to permeate shadow.

We are being asked to wake up to a new paradigm one of equality and non-duality.

We perceive light and shadow as separate energies. We push darkness out and deny it’s existence in ourselves, our lives, and in our society. We successfully hide it until it shows itself. We don’t want to talk about it out of fear or for other reasons. We are conditioned to being afraid of our own shadow, others, and society’s shadow. Shadow and light is the same divine energy–potent and creative.

What if we acknowledged the illusion that we have created? The illusion of separateness.

Our co-created reality of separateness has led to violence, isolation, depression, and inequality.

We are all divine creations.


The Nature of Being Humbled


“Practice more,” my teacher said.

Our own personal practice provides us the opportunity to quiet our external desires, our story, our image, and settles us into our inner-self.

In so many ways we are humbled by life. Sometimes it is through our own suffering, life circumstances, illness, our teachers, or the work we do. I look at this spring earth, and how it becomes gentler, softer, and vulnerable. The mother earth is ever so vulnerable as she carries us, holds us, and nourishes our lives.

When we are humbled we soften, allow ourselves to receive, and become vulnerable. This may not feel comfortable and it may feel like we are meeting our edge. We can learn so much from being in this space.

Becoming a mother has been a life-changing practice for me, and deeply humbling. When you become a mother the seams of your heart open. You and your child become a seamless connection. You become humbled by unconditional love.

As a mother, you are pushed to your edge daily. You worry sometimes irrationally. You lose all selfish tendencies. Even when you do something for yourself or go to work you are still present with your child, and may even feel a tinge of guilt.  Even in your most exhausted, overwhelmed, do-it-all moments, or when you just can’t take anymore– we slowly soften surrendering to the heart of all that matters. This is the nature of being humbled.

When we allow ourselves to soften and step into the heart of all that matters, we become humbled. It is not a place of weakness, yet a quiet strength like that of our mother earth.


New Poem


There is a hawk that lives in a tree by my house. It is a frequent visitor. I see this as pure magic. This poem is inspired by my hawk-friend.

We rise

over and over again

our wings take flight

we soar

our feathers

woven in wisdom

our wings carry echoes

of how we have left our other self  in pieces to rest

how we have lifted our heavy wings

to light.

Ready, Set, GO!

Indira Slides

Indira waits at the top of the slide. Excitement builds in her eyes. Ready, set, go– she flies down the slide. Full of smiles and complete joy. She is ready to go down again. She doesn’t have fear. She is free.

She didn’t plan how she was going to get down the slide. She didn’t think of every little curve or detail of the curve. She didn’t write a detailed plan. Nor, did she sit at the top of the slide waiting for the perfect moment.

The perfect moment is the one you are in.

When we are standing on top of a mountain slope, on the edge of a high diving board, or on the ledge of a trapeze platform ready to fly, or a metaphorical bridge we may stay there awhile contemplating if we are ready or not. Most of the time you can turn around, otherwise, there is only one way to go—down.

We may not ever be ready. And yet, what if everything you have done in your life was guiding you to that perfect moment? What if you are ready? It is scary to take giant-boundless-leaps a là Hanuman.

Lately, I feel stuck on top of the slide, because I am scared—scared to go. I make a long list of excuses. I hole up and hide out. I believe the stories I have created about failure and success. So, I wait a little longer. This is not my normal. Normally, I just go for it, and I am meditating on an abundant result. Sometimes that happens and sometimes it doesn’t.

Either way, I trust that I am in the perfect moment and a lesson is woven in the waiting to be ready.

We are all READY. We are all in that perfect moment. Ready…Set…Go!

***Coming very soon is a new coaching endeavor I will be working on to help children and families with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex and Autism. ***

Stardust (a new poem)


When all is said

When all is done

When we return to infinite stardust

When we breathe our final breath

What will matter?

The job you had

The money

The accumulation

The fear

The worry

The story

The wants

What will matter?

The joy you gathered

In the quiet vessels of your heart

When you return to infinite love.

I find that when I experience “busy,” I miss something important like the moment when my daughter does something so brilliant, or subtle. I missed the “joy” experience because I was busy. We are all in these moments everyday depending on what we have going on. Some of us experience another form of busy like a busy mind. Right now, I can tell you that I am writing blog posts at 12:40am instead of sleeping. Busy mom=12:40am blog posts. Yet, a quiet house is a blessing. I find joy in writing when I can sit quietly to pause from “busy.”

May there be joy in all of our shared experiences.

Notes on Healing

As I dove into the energy of the new moon the other day, I realized I wasn’t on time with my blog post. I’ve noticed the synchronicity of my blog and the moon cycle, and I missed it. Life has kept me in its busy flow.

In my own experience and in working with clients as a Reiki Master practitioner, yoga teacher, and health coach the healing journey unfolds. This journey takes us inside ourselves as we begin to unravel and uncover our deepest selves.

A list of reflections came to me over the past few weeks, and I share them with you along with a video of the ocean for all of us ocean-starved.

  1. Our body, mind, spirit, and emotional being want to heal. Our truest nature is vibrant and healthy. Our cells want to thrive and continue thriving. Our DNA wants to be full functioning.
  2. The question, “Do you want to get better?” is often asked. Personally, I like “What part of yourself are you not loving?” When I ask myself this question an answer usually arrives. The question then is what do I do with that answer. This is where actions come in, such as taking more time for myself, asking for help (not easy for me to do by the way), or rewiring my thought patterns.
  3. When we begin to take steps towards loving ourselves, we begin to heal ourselves.
  4. Illness has a purpose. Sounds crazy, I know. When we are tired of being sick, we become empowered to start taking care of ourselves by changing our lifestyle, and learning to take care of ourselves. Being sick is a wake up call to our higher selves.
  5. Healing is like peeling back layers of an onion. You start with the outside and go deeper. You may heal the symptoms of your condition and for many that is huge. However, there are many layers that go beyond the physical symptoms. We also must look at the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects.
  6. The more you identify with your sickness and continue to create a life around that sickness, I believe it continues to live on and perpetuate. By saying, “I am sick” or “I am X condition” we lose ourselves to it and become powerless to our disease.
  7. Get in touch with your body. Listen to it. Settle into it. Learn what it needs. Learn what makes your cells spark and ignite. Learn a practice to ground you into your body—like yoga or qi gong.
  8. The love prescription. I feel deeply that having love in our lives is an important aspect to our healing.
  9. Healing takes time, and often we lose patience with the process. Healing may take years or it may take a little bit longer.

As I finish writing this I am struck with the truth that it may take my adrenal glands years to heal from 2-years of sleepless nights from my daughter not sleeping through the night. And, so it’s time to practice yoga. That will help.

Healing is a process. We all are on the journey together.

Grace Underfoot, a new poem

IMG_5196“As women, we have the power of Shakti not only to heal ourselves, but to nourish, nurture, and heal everything around us. Unfortunately, our modern lifestyles tend to pull us away from our true nature. In the overwhelmingly busy world we have created for ourselves, we strive for good health, peace, and prosperity, but these goals often elude us. We devalue the very source of what heals us–Mother Nature and her moon, sun, seasons, forests, sky, water, and food. Every day, in big and small ways, we each disregard the essence of our True Self. The state of our individual and collective well-being tells the whole story of the myths of medicine that we’ve perpetuated.” Sri Swamini Mayatitananda (Maya Tiwari)

I read this last night, as I tend to go to Maya Tiwari for an ayurvedic approach to women’s healing. We have the innate ability to heal ourselves, and get lost in the many translations of how to heal our ailments and our physical problems with this diet, this herb, this medicine, and so forth. I’ve learned that the greatest healing comes from time in nature, and tapping into the grace that resides within each of us. We are all connected to this wisdom. We all are healers.

A poem I wrote on the beach. The ocean heals me deeply, and in this desert I crave it. Peace and truth.

Grace Underfoot

Egrets arrive like a silent mantra of grace

resting underfoot

stepping closer

to presence

to shakti

within forever dancing

guiding breath

and every step