Stepping into ourselves, we settle into our purpose, which allows our gifts to blossom, be seen, and flourish. -Elizabeth

For the past few months, I have been spending a lot of time assessing, losing myself, wandering different planes, and have ended up mostly confused. I have found myself asking myself what the F’ is going on almost every day. I felt like I entered a vortex. During these times, I hole up and want nothing more than to stay in my sacred space. Last night my husband came home and said, “Beth you created an ashram. What goddess are you honoring tonight or is it just the light?” Mostly, all of it, goddesses and all.

When you begin to step further into yourself and accept your gifts, you settle into your purpose. You re-organize yourself and life to begin to share those gifts. Before any of that can happen, you have to accept your gifts for real. You have to own them. This is what I realized about myself. I have been afraid and uncomfortable with some of my gifts. As a child I was mostly scared of my psychic intuition and kept it hidden. My husband says that I scare him because I know exactly what he’s thinking without him saying anything.

Once we feel safe, comfortable, and settle into who we are, I believe that we then flourish and blossom.

I have been assessing what direction I am heading as well as where I am putting my efforts. I am notorious for adding too much to my schedule. In the spirit of the autumn and coming cold months, I am desiring simplicity big time. I have decided to move my blog to my main site You can read all of my new blog posts from there going forward. For a short time, I will post a link to all new blog posts here for you to be redirected to the other site.

Thank you for being part of this blog space, and I look forward to sharing more at

My deepest blessings and gratitude,


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