Digging in the Dirt


We have had monsoons like I have never witnessed in the desert. Rains come creating fast rivers through the desert. The sky changes into a beautiful ominous dream. The desert transforms into an oasis of flowers and green—the kind of green I wait for here. Pure magic unfolds after every rain. I wonder in our stressed out, technology laden, busier than busy, and money-focused lives how can we ever see the magic?

With these rains have come plants I didn’t know existed. They are mysterious plants with thorns, burrs, and defense mechanisms that may or may not turn into flowers.

We see these weeds or plants as pests and arguably unfortunate details that are crowding out beautiful daisies, grass, and the richness that earth offers.

We have to dig in the dirt, and dig through weeds to find the magic (sometimes).

In our daily lives we do encounter thorns, burrs, and uncomfortable places, and we turn away from them because it hurts.

What happens when we meet the weeds of life?

We weed the garden. We dig in the dirt and uncover through the pain– the magic, and beauty that is there waiting for us to discover.


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