The Art of Being Busy

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Why do we create busy lives? What does busy do for us? And, how can we perceive it differently?

This is me in my yoga studio practicing with my 2 year old. Daily this is what my practice looks like– asana playtime, and mostly it works. I can tell you first hand that busy is just busy. We either thrive on being busy, or we are exhausted by it. I have accepted that my life is busy, and I have done what I can up to this point to remove what’s not working.

We create busy lives, because we have become conditioned to be busy. We have equated busy to being successful. We work more to have more, and we work harder because that’s what we have been taught. And, it’s totally overrated.

Busy can be seen as a perfectly designed distraction—a distraction from taking time to do more of the things that may actually nourish us.

Our collective to do list needs reworking.

When we are busy we make excuses for why we can’t or don’t have time to do those very things that make us feel good like exercise. Also, when we are busy we can use it as an excuse to maybe ignore or distract ourselves from what’s not working in our lives like a lack of exercise.

The fine balance is learning how to not burn-out and or make ourselves so busy that we forget about our health and well being.

I am always working with this and it takes serious fine-tuning. I have learned to say no more often, and to reset my priorities.

Let’s be real though. It’s easy to tell people to be less busy and take more time for the things that matter, but the reality is almost all of us have to work to make ends meet.

So what do we do with all of this?

There is a tipping point between busy and completely overwhelmed. The dance is imperfectly choreographed, and that’s okay.

Here is what I have learned while being a mom to a toddler, being a wife, managing a business and house, and whatever else shows up.

  1. Personally, I like 10pm to midnight. It’s the only time I get to myself. I savor it. I have tried the 6am wake up do yoga ritual and forget it. Sleep is too important.
  2. Relish the spontaneous openings in your busy schedule as opportunities to be with yourself, friends, family, or to relax. We all need that time. This can also be scheduled, which has worked for us. However, for some of us finding unscheduled time is like finding the way through a matrix. So when those openings happen they are gifts and blessings to not do anything.
  3. Change your perception and stay present. Being busy creates stress. However, I am less tired and stressed when I stay present throughout my day, and I don’t think about what I should or could be doing. Children teach us to be present and live in the moment. Stay present even during moments of chaos.
  4. Communicate clearly what you are capable of doing and be realistic about what may be impossible.
  5. Reset priorities. Maybe there are things that you do that can be done by someone else. Ask for help.
  6. You can change the way your life looks (for the most part), and you can experience life differently.
  7. Sometimes you have to stop before the universe makes you stop. We all need to check in with ourselves. How are you? 

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