Stardust (a new poem)


When all is said

When all is done

When we return to infinite stardust

When we breathe our final breath

What will matter?

The job you had

The money

The accumulation

The fear

The worry

The story

The wants

What will matter?

The joy you gathered

In the quiet vessels of your heart

When you return to infinite love.

I find that when I experience “busy,” I miss something important like the moment when my daughter does something so brilliant, or subtle. I missed the “joy” experience because I was busy. We are all in these moments everyday depending on what we have going on. Some of us experience another form of busy like a busy mind. Right now, I can tell you that I am writing blog posts at 12:40am instead of sleeping. Busy mom=12:40am blog posts. Yet, a quiet house is a blessing. I find joy in writing when I can sit quietly to pause from “busy.”

May there be joy in all of our shared experiences.

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