‘Lessons in Effort

divine lessons right effort

This post is dedicated to my friend Debbie. As mothers we are constantly trying to find balance, sanity, and how to fit everything into our day as well as find time for ourselves. By the way, Debbie makes extraordinary chocolates.

Effort is a practice. Asana practice has a clear way to teach us effort. When we reach the right amount of effort, we find balance, and inner-alignment.

Effort in my life is a divine lesson and is continual.

I look at our family schedule and it looks like a jigsaw puzzle on drugs. It is color coded. Every activity placed very carefully into a 24-hour period. It’s time management on crack. We actually have to schedule free-time. Somehow, we fit it all in. Truth is, it is completely overwhelming and this whole doing it all syndrome we have all fallen into is total crap.

Doing it all eventually leads to imbalance. I admit that some are masters at it and thrive at doing it all.

Effort is about the right amount. I have noticed that sometimes if I put too much effort into one area, another area of my life completely falls a part like my self-care regime. This is where our health comes in. When we are putting all of our effort into our work or other projects it is very easy to not pay attention to our health and wellness. Maybe, we don’t spend as much time with our children when they need us. Whatever it is, something has to give.

Finding just the right amount of effort is creating balance in our lives. It is a continual work in progress.

Recently, in my frenzy of multitasking, several details were not paid attention to and I lost track of what I needed to get done for my work. So I made a chart of the areas of my life and looked at where I was putting my energy and effort. What I realized was that very little time was going to taking care of myself, and you do give up that time when you are a mom. You just do. It’s inevitable. There is a way to find some time for ourselves, and it is essential. Schedule it in or let something go if you can.

This is my Effort Chart. I used some examples from my life. Try it out. See what happens. I am going to attempt a less is more attitude with limited complications.

Too Much Effort

Too Little Effort & Needs Attention

Let it Go!

Yoga Class, lots of planning


Finances and budgeting

Meditation time

Cleaning the house (who cares!)

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