Grace Underfoot, a new poem

IMG_5196“As women, we have the power of Shakti not only to heal ourselves, but to nourish, nurture, and heal everything around us. Unfortunately, our modern lifestyles tend to pull us away from our true nature. In the overwhelmingly busy world we have created for ourselves, we strive for good health, peace, and prosperity, but these goals often elude us. We devalue the very source of what heals us–Mother Nature and her moon, sun, seasons, forests, sky, water, and food. Every day, in big and small ways, we each disregard the essence of our True Self. The state of our individual and collective well-being tells the whole story of the myths of medicine that we’ve perpetuated.” Sri Swamini Mayatitananda (Maya Tiwari)

I read this last night, as I tend to go to Maya Tiwari for an ayurvedic approach to women’s healing. We have the innate ability to heal ourselves, and get lost in the many translations of how to heal our ailments and our physical problems with this diet, this herb, this medicine, and so forth. I’ve learned that the greatest healing comes from time in nature, and tapping into the grace that resides within each of us. We are all connected to this wisdom. We all are healers.

A poem I wrote on the beach. The ocean heals me deeply, and in this desert I crave it. Peace and truth.

Grace Underfoot

Egrets arrive like a silent mantra of grace

resting underfoot

stepping closer

to presence

to shakti

within forever dancing

guiding breath

and every step



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