2015 in the NOW

Every New Year brings new intentions, and lots of manifesting. Each year, I would craft my manifestations and envision them happening. Why not try to manifest all that you can, right? We create our reality, and we do that moment to moment. Then, the unexpected happens. What’s not written in our yearly entry are the lessons we need to learn, and the parts of our journey that are unexpected and unexplainable. My daughter was my greatest lesson in the unexplainable and unexpected this year. Typically, we ask for awesome experiences, because that’s what we want. Yet, if we only had awesome experiences would we ever learn what we needed, would we ever know light by going through some challenges? My experience has shown me that we learn light through shadow. Light must penetrate the darkness for truth to be revealed.

What if we stopped manifesting and actually started living in the NOW-moment. It is from the present moment that we can create our reality.

This year, I have learned hard lessons, and at times that is incredibly exhausting. I have made a choice to NOT manifest my 2015, and live more in the present because that changes my entire experience.

May the light shine on.

Thank you for reading my blog. I appreciate you.

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