Being Vulnerable


We have shells, an external skin, which says “I am strong, resilient.” Our shells have stories dense with plot, conflict, pivotal characters, happiness, wounds, and trauma. We have shells as a form of protection that keep us thinking of how strong and tough we are. I have that very story. The one that stays strong and resilient in all situations no matter how deeply challenging it may be to do so. We all have a tipping point when we reach a place where we can no longer keep our shell.

We suddenly soften allowing ourselves to be humbled and vulnerable. Scary. Very scary. Now what?

Being vulnerable and allowing ourselves to be humbled by our deep experience takes strength of a different kind. It is the working of grace. Complete grace. With grace underfoot we can release into the grace of our heart wisdom. We allow softness to pervade instead of our hardened shell.

I am not versed in vulnerability, and don’t allow myself to be vulnerable. So, I started with telling the truth, and reaching out of my very own shell. And, I quietly cringe.

(The oddest thing is that for the past two days there has been a snake skin outside of our back door. I haven’t moved it. It’s still very much there, and I can’t seem to move it. A reminder.)

Blessings to you, and thank you for reading.

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