Pause for Peace

Friends, I invite you along with me to take part in 15-Minutes of silent prayer or meditation on Friday August 29th at 10:00AM Mountain Time (9:00AM PST, 12:00PM EST). I invite you to stop what you are doing, and take a moment to pause for peace. You can honor this time how you wish, and can do this from wherever you are. The idea is to set the intention and energy towards peace.

Right now, as I write this many people around the world are experiencing some form of violence in their own homes, communities, and countries. And, here in our country a young innocent child named Michael Brown was killed-unjustly. I can’t ignore that this happened. I can’t ignore the fact that it is completely heartbreaking.

I remember a very clear moment in my last year of teaching at Chelsea High School in Chelsea, Massachusetts. One of my students had witnessed his friend being shot. I remember not knowing what to do, and I remember realizing that there was nothing I could do but show up to work the next day and teach. I knew deeply that his life would be forever changed. I knew that innocence was lost that day. As a result of a series of violence, Chelsea held a peace walk. In unison the entire school walked throughout the town of Chelsea. It was powerful and memorable.

Violence creates a ripple effect. We all feel it in subtle ways no matter how far removed we are from it. I feel we all are responsible for creating peace in our selves, our homes, and in turn our communities. Peace instead of violence can become a ripple effect when we take action towards creating more peace, and less violence.

I am asking you to join me in taking a pause for peace for everyone that is experiencing suffering in the deepest of ways, and for every child that loses his or her innocence to violence.

My deepest blessings. May all beings be free from suffering. May there be peace.

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