Be Nurtured

All because of a flower. Yes, it’s true. A White Ceanothus in the form of a flower essence or tincture of this potent little flower called Mother’s Milk or Loving Support. I feel like myself again. I got into vigilant nurturing of myself. Amen to a host of rituals that bring us back to ourselves. As women we feel called to nurture-as mothers, lovers, partners, friends, and beyond, and so we need to nurture each other and ourselves more often. This has been a deep lesson for me in the past few weeks, as I stopped nursing my daughter. Taking time to nurture myself has given me the energy I need to be a mother and partner, and I am getting back into my grounded place again. I asked myself, “What am I missing? And, what do I need to do to nurture myself?” First, were roses, chocolate, sage burning, and then my oils.

Be nurtured with roses, chocolate, an altar and a prayer, divine essential oils from DoTerra (patchouli, ylang ylang, clary sage), a feather and heart along the way, and taking time to nurture yourself in the ways that only you know how.

What are you missing? What nurtures you? What do you need?









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