Deer Medicine

What happens when we stop forcing everything we want to happen or try to make happen? What happens when we let go of all that effort-making, planning, and forcing our agenda to the max to actually relax? What if we stopped forcing everything and let what we are trying to manifest or make happen come organically?

For some of us, we don’t realize that we are doing too much until we get sick, we keep reaching a dead-end adding further frustration, or we keep pushing ourselves until we are bottomed out. Usually, I don’t get the memo until I am sick and can’t do anything. I am then reading the universe’s message while convalescing, which is not how I envisioned relaxing.

As I was literally convalescing this week, I looked out the window and two deer came walking onto my patio. They stood there quietly looking at me with a gentle gaze in their eyes. Hmm, what’s this about I thought. The message–be gentle with yourself.

When we push ourselves, we are not being gentle with others and ourselves. We lose touch with the naturally graceful organic flow of life.

When we are forcing everything we want to happen and so busy forcing our lives to happen, we are not being gentle with ourselves, with life, and those we love. In essence, we are creating a more agitated reality. Nothing happens that we actually want to happen when we are in an agitated-forceful state of mind and reality.






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