Balance, A Fine Line

Everyday, I “try” to create some semblance of balance, harmony in my world, but more often than not I feel like the master of the marionette trying to get the marionette to walk on a thin tight rope and not fall off. Or, it’s a little like sirsasana (head stand) with a cute, cuddly, one-year old laughing in your face, trying to kiss you, while you stand on your head up side down about to fall over in all directions with legs flailing—and yes this has happened several times now, and I laugh.

Balance is a fine line. You move too far over the line and you are imbalanced, legs flailing, falling out of the perfect balance you have created. It doesn’t take much at times for all of us to lose balance when there are many distractions. It is actually quite easy.

Lately, my life has felt like I’m leaning over that fine-line about to fall off, and some days I completely do. All it takes for me is not doing my mantra or meditation practice, additional sleep deprivation, a conversation gone awry, a teething baby, work, and anything else. When we are out of balance we are in a place of vulnerability. We are susceptible to losing our ground, our integrity, our faith, our truth, our health, our vitality, and our selves.

As a new mom with a one-year old, balance looks different. It looks a little like chaos at times. In motherhood, (parenthood) you are not only trying to stay balanced for yourself, but for your child and family. You let go of your own desire for balance to make sure that your child receives exactly what they need. And, you know exactly what happens when needs are not met for a one-year old. Hello chaos.

I have collected a list on how to stay in some sort of balance even when it is chaos. I am still learning and growing.

  1. Breathe deeply taking a longer exhale. It will pass, keep breathing.
  2. Chant OM. It works when the baby is crying and/or not sleeping, when you feel like crying, or maybe you need to cry.
  3. I am not okay without my essential oils. I have been rubbing Balance by DoTerra on my feet daily. Essential oils save me every time.
  4. 5 minutes of any form of yoga, meditation, or mantra counts. I promise you.
  5. Eat foods that are wholesome, nourishing, healthy, and have a lot of prana. A lot of sugar is not helpful, even if deeply satisfying when you are over the tipping point. When you are imbalanced emotionally, your health suffers.
  6. Surrender deeply to where you are at, accept it, and transform what is not serving you. Easier to say, harder to do.
  7. Go for a walk in nature.
  8. Realize that none of this is about YOU or ME or I. With a child you have the opportunity to become more and more selfless, and learn what that means.
  9. Discover that harmony is not always a quiet, peaceful, tranquil, silent, retreat-space. (Trust me, I have daydreamed about a silent retreat.) Harmony is also complete chaos; learn what the chaos is about.
  10. Know that at all times something will be out of balance, always. Working towards perfection will only drive you and everyone around you nuts.
  11. See and feel the joy of life. It really is in the mundane.


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