Every choice…


Every choice is an act of self-love. The choices we make reflect how much we love ourselves.


In becoming a mother, I often think of what I want my daughter to learn from me. What would be the most important lessons that I can teach her by my own actions, and the way I choose to live my life? What would I want her to learn? I came up with a long list. More than anything, I want her to learn how to love herself and make choices that reflect deep respect and self-love.


I spent a lot of time not loving myself, and all of the actions I made reflected that. And, I am still working on making choices that are love driven and not shame driven. Right now, my focus is money. (more on that later)


Learning to love yourself is the root of spiritual practice. It is the most difficult and the most rewarding. No one can tell you how to love yourself more. It is a continual journey that drives you into knowing core of your unshakable self.


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