Divine Irony

Now, I am at the other side of the table signing paper work, discussing a plan, progress, and goals. How did this happen? Nervously, I laugh and say to the Development Specialist, “I didn’t think I would ever be on this side of things. I used to be the one doing all of the paperwork.” I used to be a special eduction teacher, and now I am the parent of a child that has the potential for developing a developmental delay due to her medical condition (Tuberous Sclerosis). How did this exactly happen? I call this divine irony. I did not know when I signed up to be a special education teacher years ago that all of my skills, training, and experience would lead me to my own kitchen table working with my own daughter.

Honestly, it was the most challenging meeting to be in because this time I was on the other side. I was the parent full of questions, fears, what ifs, contemplating unknowns, and wondering will my child be okay. We are walking directly into the unknown. I deeply know it’s going to be okay, and that she will grow and thrive as best she possibly can. Yet, reality has a way of reminding you to be present. No checking out here–only checking-IN.

I am sitting with divine irony. Divine irony is an unexpected lesson we didn’t foresee coming. We make choices, and take steps in a direction and yet we never truly know where exactly it will lead. I now have one student, and she is my greatest teacher, my heart, and the most precious.

I write this for every parent. Every parent that trusts, loves, supports, and knows the potential of their child. We have to stay strong, courageous, full of conviction, and have faith for our children.

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