Everything is NEW


WE are meeting a new reality. We experiencing a NEW paradigm. WE are journeying through freshly fallen snow together finding our way. WE are embracing all that is NEW together.

It seems that whatever we have not been willing to face is asking to be dealt with.  Have you noticed this? Have you noticed how strong the pull is to meet our challenges, shadows, and conflicts with a determined focus, and a deep willingness to transform? It seems brand new to practice in this way. We are being asked to meet our reality. Can we find comfort in the meeting of our reality? Or do we escape into a blissful cacoon?

“People don’t need my comfort; they need reality. Reality is its own comfort.” –Adyashanti

In this NEW paradigm, whatever it is that is not in alignment with our highest purpose is falling away. It’s just not happening. However, if it is in alignment it seems to be moving quickly, and happening all at once. Have you noticed?

NEW doesn’t always give you time to process or “think” about what is happening, because every cell of your being feels its newness. Here we can find comfort in our reality.

Right now, I feel completely NEW. Fully integrated into this NEW experience of life and that of motherhood.

Everything is NEW.

Stand in the conviction of your heart. BE in the NEW paradigm where your heart matters.

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