List Making 3:39am Style


#1 on my list-be the best mama to Indira I can be…#5 I want to see my baby girl thrive, live a happy, meaningful life…

We make lists, lots of them, on a daily basis. I tend to make my lists from 3:39am to about 4:30am, while my sweet little Indira talks, plays, rolls around, and parties while we try to sleep. Key word “try” because sleep  has been added to my list. I plot a variety of ways that I am going to get more sleep. The best one to date a hotel room to myself for 24 hours where I will sleep for 12 hours, and watch all of the bad TV sitcoms I don’t even know exist.

Our lists come in three varieties–I want to, I need to, To finish. I actually decided to write out my three lists, and they are growing. I don’t know if I will ever finish everything on my “I want to list” like study jyotish or travel all over with an unknown next stop. I am armed though with evolving, growing, and inspiring lists that just may manifest into reality.

Manifest those lists! It is the year of the wood horse, which makes me think we will all be empowered to conquer our dream lists, and grow.

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