I am not going to write a traditional New Year’s post. The teachings this year came moment to moment, and everything became a living lesson. We all make resolutions, promises, and create manifestations that with all good intentions we work towards. Trust me you should see my white board and little postcards of promises around. How often though was there another plan, another idea, another circumstance that manifested? We let go. We surrender to the flow and grace of life, because the magic is in the subtle moments that happen each day in our human experience. We don’t know. It’s unknown even to those of us who can see. “I don’t know” is a term to experiment with and get cozy with. Cozy right up with a cup of unknowns—see what happens.

This is my poem for the New Year, because in this New Year I transformed into a mother, and, that little girl is my greatest gift.


Be strong says grandmother wolf let her guide you through the unknowns ahead. 

 Be brave says grandmother wolf trust the sacred voice of elders.

 Be gentle says grandmother wolf allow grace to strengthen your stride.

 Be the journey of love says grandmother wolf allow and accept.

 Be mother says grandmother wolf step into the fullness of divine.

 Be mother-love. 


Blessings, love, and light to all.





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