Everyday Gratitude

pink sunset

The early winter light shifts in the Southwest to a watermelon glow. The land stays still and the light changes the endless desert into a moving meditation. As I was sitting at Thanksgiving dinner watching evening grace us, I saw the wild horses come out over the horizon. I listened to the conversation. I saw those before me. I met the eyes of the ones I loved. I rested into the silence feeling blessed to be right here.

It is easy to give thanks and extend gratitude when we are surrounded by love, and truthfully when all is going well. Earlier today, I had forgotten. I was rushing. I was and still am exhausted. I didn’t take care of myself by taking the time to meditate or practice. I was needed in many different directions. And, I missed my family that live so far away. I had simply become wrapped up in my own story that I had forgotten what today was about, and why I was going crazy making all of this food.

Gratitude is easily forgotten. I know for myself that I sometimes get so focused on everything that is happening, I simply forget to say, “Thank you.” Life is precious and miraculous. I realize this more and more everyday.

Each day, each breath, each moment is an opportunity to give thanks.

Starting today, I am going to start a gratitude log. I am going to write everything I am grateful for each day. Maybe you will share in this exercise with me.

Thank you for being present and reading my words. With gratitude and many blessings to all!






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