Getting Cozy with Joy

1381565_10151739108839142_957857424_nOne of my friends told me that none of the ancient Rishis slept; therefore, I am enlightened. I don’t know about that, but what I do know is that I am getting cozy with joy.

Sleep is one of the most essential ingredients to health, and needed for the body to restore. However, when you have a child this seems to be one of the ingredients that you miss out on nightly. And with all of this lack of sleep you find a way to function. So, I watch the clock to see when she wakes up–2:37, 4:32, 5:00, 6:05, 7:31. At 6:05am I lose it, and cry because I am so tired. I actually tell my beloved child to shut the “F” up. I then feel horrible. What is wrong with me, I just yelled at a 6-month old. Then, I get why mom’s go crazy. It is from a lack of sleep. Where is the joy? The joy comes at 7:31am when I hold my daughter closer, and surrender to the joy that she brings. I open my heart and realize that the little tooth that is coming in is hurting her. Then, we sleep in, and I skip out on practicing, because laying in bed with my daughter is better than any chant, mantra, silent meditation, or asana. Maybe this is what my friend meant. Getting cozy with joy is my new practice.

My daughter is the complete manifestation of light, at least I think so. She brings joy to our lives. Her eyes are filled with joy at every moment. She teaches me beginners mind all over again. And, I wonder how I can do this in everything I do. I see how she plays and experiences every part of this new world with complete mindfulness, and awe. Everything is new.

In my life, feeling joyous seemed like something I had to work towards and become comfortable with. Isn’t that crazy? I feel happy. I feel content. I feel the flow, and go with it.

Joy is different. Joy feels like a heart flutter. Joy is constant smiles. Joy is feeling like everything is new, as if you are experiencing it all for the first time like a child. Imagine if we all got cozy with joy? What would our world look like? Maybe we would treat people differently? Maybe we would all smile more? Maybe we would see the world through the eyes of a baby where we are in awe of everything–yes everything? Get cozy with joy. Find it in your life. It is there.




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