Road Trip Lessons


Our journey is measured by milestones. Once, I became a mother I began marking everything by milestones–well for at least the last 6-months. Everything seems to fall into the “first-time” category. Having a child is like having a Zen teacher by your side teaching you presence, beginner’s mind, and flexibility all in the most intense ways. You transform. A road trip is one way to fully realize that transformation, because the journey is now changed.

Everything you need fits in your car. Everything else is extra.

Driving is the best meditation and heals sleep deprivation (when you are not driving).

Home is everywhere you are with the ones you love.

You learn to go with the flow of what’s happening. Baby crying, pause, regroup, breastfeed, stretch. ALL IS BLESSED!

Practice is always present and available.

Trust that your angels are watching over you, your baby, your husband, and the entire car as you drive around hair pin turns through the mountains, the crazy road leading to Topanga Canyon, and going in reverse through the wrong toll lane over the Bay Bridge.

Fear stops you from living and dreaming…DREAM GRANDE!

Getting lost is good medicine and leads you to right where you need to be.

Milestones measured–sitting up, eating avocado, a new vision, sometimes you have to stop, walk in the sand, feed the seagulls, hear the ocean, and smile.



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