My grandma knew about bootstraps. She had four children. She worked. She grew up during the depression. She sold antique jewelry and other collectibles at flea markets. She was a tough and inspiring Irish woman. She knew about bootstraps. She knew how to find those proverbial bootstraps, make the best out of a situation, and persevere. Finding those bootstraps is very much a part of the spiritual journey. Maybe its to see what you are capable of or because you needed to learn an important lesson that would inform the next step in your evolution. Either way, learning to pull up those bootstraps is part of the process. Next time maybe it won’t seem so bad, because you have been there, and you know how powerful and strong you really are. Sometimes though, you get tired of having to reach down and grab those damn bootstraps. Here I was in meditation last night going okay, “I see them there they are. I can do this sleep deprived and all.” Truly, I was feeling a little stuck in a pattern, and working my way through it. I just needed to change the story. I needed to get unstuck, and pull up my bootstraps and kick the story in it’s butt!

By the way, the bootstraps you see above are the boots I wore at Burning Man still stuck with playa. If you have been to Burning Man, you know that the playa sticks to everything years after. It takes awhile to shake it off.

Getting unstuck is tricky. Everyone can tell you how to get yourself unstuck and what to do, and provide you with a novel worth of advice, but the reality is you won’t get unstuck until you make the choice not be stuck in the same place anymore. Yes, it’s true. You really have to be done with it. In my own life and in my experience, it has had to hurt. I have had to be done. I had to make the choice.

I am not going to give you advice. I will only say that you can pull up your bootstraps and you will evolve. Are you ready for all the freedom and opening that comes when you are no longer stuck?

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