Mirror Lake


We went backpacking to an Alpine Lake at 11,000 feet. The water was clear, like a mirror. We celebrated the quiet, the call of elk, and hawk. I thought how simple it would be to live within the rhythm of nature and honor it’s course. And, yet, we live so disconnected from its pulse that we can barely sense it on a day to day basis. Nature heals us, and grounds us into our own self. Without the noise of society’s conveniences, imagine what we would hear, see, feel, be? Imagine.

When I was in high school, I wrote a story about a girl named Valencia who imagined that the world went quiet  except for the sound of nature. All human sounds  went silent. She thrived. This was one of my first published pieces. In a lot of ways I am Valencia, I do wish for my yurt, in the middle of the jungle with my family, and a huge garden with only the sounds of nature.

Being in nature reminded me that everything in life is an invitation to experience life as a living prayer.

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