Untitled Prayer


Recently, I had my chart read by a Vedic Astrologer (Jyotish). It was accurate, enlightening, and left me settling into its prescriptions. Yes, prescriptions used to change the energy of the planets in your chart that may cause potential problems. For example, wear white on Saturday, and buy flowers on Friday. I love that I will now be buying flowers for myself on Friday. For the last x-amount of days, I have blamed everything on one planet-Mercury. I was teaching yoga stumbling over my words-prime Mercury Retrograde poor communication snafu. Poor Mercury, but poor all of us for it’s retrograde-like-ways causing computer glitches, communication foibles, and other fiery encounters; however, it has been full of lessons. In Vedic Astrology Mercury doesn’t go retrograde. This is refreshing, and relieves my own personal story with Mercury Retrograde. This is all tangential to my real post on prayer.

Prayer. Prayer is like bread, it is the foundation to all the possibilities, and manifestations that may become reality-the luxurious butter that you slather on top to make it rich with goodness. Prayer works. People have been known to radically heal with the power of prayer. Prayer can transform our lives or another’s. Praying is a conduit to the ears of the divine. A prayer can save you. Sometimes all we may have left in our toolkit is a simple prayer. When we pray we are not just praying for ourselves, yet extending love out to everyone experiencing life as we may be in that moment. It raises the vibration of the collective consciousness.

I grew up praying at night, every night. I had no idea why. No one ever told me to pray. I just prayed.  Throughout my life, praying has brought me many blessings and comforted me when I felt like I had nothing left. Prayer continues to be apart of my daily practice, and is more important than any other. Prayer is the one practice that has no rules– no proper way of sitting or bowing, no proper placement of your right or left hand, and no guiding principles. All you have to do is pray and know that you are being heard.

Tonight, I pray for all children whose lives are taken by violence. I pray that there may be peace.



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