Go with the Flow


I was resting in savasana. My baby girl and husband also in savasana. Each of us in our own varieties. I was laying over bolsters, he was on the sarvanghasana bench in setu bandha sarvanghasana, and the baby sleeping on wool blankets. I felt like I was in a dream I manifested…a man I love doing yoga with me, a baby resting quietly…life is sweet.

I laid there finally resting and breathing. Earlier in the day, I lit some incense on my altar and asked for help. I was feeling frustrated and as if my inner-warrior was coming out to play in a very fiery way in other words–stay clear. It appeared like nothing was working, and my communication with everyone was unclear. I also have been feeling like I am at this pivotal point as if something is about to happen that I’ve been waiting for, and I have no idea exactly what it is. Have you ever had that feeling? Like you know it’s right there waiting for you, and you feel it, but it is just not time yet. Or, maybe it is not ready yet, and you are feeling its subtle waves slowly creeping onto shore.

As I begin to sense these waves, I force myself into the future by thinking that I should be there already. We are so ready to force ourselves into the future that we get so frustrated with ourselves and the process that we lose track of what is happening. In my projection into the future, I was losing patience with my daughter and her needs. I was losing patience with the fact that I was unable to complete the many tasks I had to, and wanted to. I was losing patience with myself.

It is amazing what asking for a little help and the gift of a small offering can do. The storm that was brewing calmed. Yoga happened, and as I laid there in svasana a voice said, ” Let go and go with the organic flow of life.”  Aha!

3 thoughts on “Go with the Flow

  1. So beautiful, Beth! And that “feeling” of a change brewing and you need to simply wait for it? Yes, yes, yes.

  2. Waiting patienrly is not always an easy task…..now, if I could just return and take a deep breath. Let us start with the present,…today

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