Rites of Passage



This is a view of the Jemez fire. Jemez is a sacred place for me. You can feel the energy of the fires from a distance. You know they are present every day in the heat and smoke. You can feel mother nature speak through the fires. You know that she has something to say to us all. Personally, I crave a deep expanding ocean, and I pray for rain.

Fire transforms. It is from fire that new growth comes. We plant new seeds. Fire makes me think of the rites of passages we take in life. We need the energy of fire- heat, passion, conviction, courage,  determination, and motivation to walk the path.

Can you think of a time in your life when you felt like life was giving you a lot to handle? Or a time when you felt like all of you was transforming inside and out? Or a time when you didn’t know if you were actually going to make it? Or when suddenly your entire life changed and you were not given a guidebook to “figure it out?” Rites of passage are opportunities to transform and shift our inner landscape, and it takes fire or tapas.

For me being a new mom is a rite of passage. Each day I feel a part of me transform and shift. At times, like at 3:41am, I simply want to surrender and feel like giving up, yet a subtle voice says, “You can’t.” And, I really can’t. It is a daily lesson. I am being schooled by a 6-week old in the most beautiful and challenging of ways. I have looked back and now can see all of the ways I was prepared for this one rite of passage, and I can see all of the other rites of passages I went through to arrive right here.

Right now, it feels as if everyone is experiencing a rite of passage. It is collective. We all need a little fire and tapas to transform and then arrive.


“Rites of Passage”

Draw it in

Draw it out.

Lean in.

Lean out.

Walk in.

Walk out.

Swim into.

Swim into your evolution.








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