Dream Big!


My daily message is “Dream big.” The reminder hangs in my kitchen where no one in the house can avoid it. I believe that the dreams you had as a child are completely possible. I believe that even the simplest of dreams can happen. I believe that all of those day dreams you had about the journeys you would take are within your reach. I believe that dreaming big and making your dreams come true takes a lot of courage. If you arrive in the midst of living your dreams, and it’s not what you expected the journey was worth it. You arrived exactly where you are supposed to be.

As I look at my baby girl, I think about all of the dreams she will have. I think about all of the possibilities she doesn’t even know about yet. I think about all of the dreams that I want to come true for her. As a child they all seem possible. Yet, as adults we forget. We think of the practicality of our lives and create excuses as to why our dreams cannot and never will happen.

Why do we give up on our dreams? When do we stop dreaming? Why do we stop believing?

We can work towards making our dreams happen. Yes, it may action on our part and even a plan. The lesson I learned is that I can sit and dream all day long;  yet, if I don’t put any effort or energy into making it happen those dreams are like clouds rolling by drifting away.



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