Waiting is Transformative

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Waiting is transformative. As we wait, we transform in each moment. It is complete divine surrender…like a long savasana. I thought does it matter what we are waiting for or what we are giving birth to in the next moment? No. It doesn’t matter what you are about to give birth to–a new book, a project, a business, a child, a new home, a new you. The process of waiting is the same. You have done the work. You have planned. You have acted. You have created. You have changed. You have done all you can. Now, you wait for the arrival, the transformation, and the birth of what you have created. You may not know what it will look like. You do not know how your everyday will completely change.

Waiting is like that. You want to see and predict the outcome, well, because the unknown can be scary. Yet, you are ready to embrace it all. Yet, you still must wait until every detail is in alignment, which is completely out of our control.

Waiting transforms us, because we give ourselves the time and space to change, even if it gets challenging. Waiting allows us to transform our inner-matrix, so that we can then unleash our brand new_________.

What changes in you while you wait? What do you learn about you? Was it worth it? I hope so!

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*Story of Omen Kitty. On the day that I found out I was pregnant this cat appeared in our driveway. It was rolling around in the dirt, and wouldn’t leave. (I wanted to keep it, but it was not an option.) I was waiting for the pregnancy test to let me know if we were pregnant or not. We were. Then, after I had to do some testing for my pregnancy, and was worried about whether or not my baby was okay or not, Omen Kitty appeared again. Omen Kitty wouldn’t leave the second time. Now, this cat is very friendly, and doesn’t seem to be lost or feral. I have no idea whom it belongs to. Each time Omen Kitty has appeared everything has come into alignment. Omen Kitty seems to be a messenger of sort. Well, Omen Kitty decided to appear today. I opened the window to our room and there it was looking at me. It waited by the door. And, again it would not leave for an hour or more. We made friends again, and I thought of ways I might be able to keep Omen Kitty, but then it went on its way.

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