Stories, Karma, & Choice

photoDuring this pregnancy, I have often thought of the stories of my life. They are stories like all great fiction with awesomely unforgettable characters, a juicy plot, and gritty drama. As I think about these stories, I think of how we all have our own unique story. My daughter she will have her own. She will arrive with her own consciousness, and karma. She will make choices. She chose us to be her parents so that we can teach, love, nourish, and support her in this lifetime.

Our stories–the ones we have lived, the ones we dream, the ones we sell ourselves, the ones we create–are all part of one human story. We can write any story about our lives, and we can edit, rewrite, and reinvent each story we are about to write. Some stories in our lives are karmic, yet we have choice. We have been given the gift of aligning with choices that suspend us into connection with our souls truest purpose.

As I was thinking of this post, I was thinking back to when I was a special education teacher, and how my students’ stories, karma, and choices played out in the classroom. You could see the attachment to a particular story they had, the karma they were born into, and the choices they were making. (I am very slowly writing a book about this time in my life–so stay tuned. )

One particular student I think of is my student Alex* from Chelsea, Massachusetts. Alex was in my Learning Center English class, which was a class for students that were below grade level and diagnosed with learning differences. Alex was from El Salvador, bilingual, and was being raised by a single mother. In my first days of teaching him, I struggled to find exactly what learning disabilities he had. He was a fluent reader, and writing near grade level. I didn’t understand why he was in my class, and I felt we were doing him a disservice. I suggested that he be removed from my class. He stayed in my class for the remainder of the year. The following year Alex was moved to general education classes. Alex had choices. He could have gone the way the rest of his peers were going succumbing to the pressure of gangs, violence, dropping out, or drugs. Those choices were very much available to him. He made different choices. Alex ended up in Advance Placement classes, in the National Honor Society, and received several scholarships to many colleges and universities. He will be attending Boston University in the next year.

I asked Alex what inspired him to make different choices. He said, “Growing up with a single mom who struggled to give me a better life and my sister took a wrong path…my goal was to be different from my sister and make good choices. And, struggling without a dad made me choose to be better instead of taking the wrong path.” Alex later went on to say, “It doesn’t mean you have to give up and make bad choices.” Alex is one of the most inspiring young people I have met. He has the ability to make a difference in this world, and I know he will.

What’s your story? What story do you want to write? What do you want read about your life? How can you heal your own story? What choices will you make today that will align with your soul?

*Name was changed to protect his privacy.

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