Full-Moon Body


We were sitting, my father (a former monk, and one of my teachers), his girlfriend at the time (an astrologer and clairvoyant), and myself at a restaurant in Albuquerque. Conversations with my father typically take the form of quantum physics, religion and spirituality, ancient history, or he may debunk your  knowledge and beliefs on anything you once thought to be true of  worm holes, infrared saunas, or fracking. Over dinner, we were discussing the human energetic system, and I remember talking about my practice with Reiki. My father and I got into a debate, as we often do over such subjects. When, I was growing up our heated conversations usually revolved around the Bible, and my lack of believing that “sin” was something that we should go repent for. During this conversation, I suggested and theorized that it was entirely possible to be sitting right where we were, and yet our etheric body could be in an entirely different place. Well that comment lasted about seconds, when my father’s training and zen-like wisdom pronounced, “We are nowhere but here, only here.” There it was, a lesson, a simple reminder.

Being pregnant is a constant reminder of this lesson. Truly, we are nowhere else, but right where we are–fully in our experience. Tonight, when I looked at the full moon embodied with all its fullness and light, it enlivened in me the sense of being completely in my body, and a few words to go with that…

“Being in Body”

Body knows
listen to skin
listen to organs
listen to the meeting of breath and beat
listen to the voice that arises
listen to the silent growth, death, rebirth
Body knows light rests inside each cell
Body knows light speaks in each word
Body knows grace
Body knows

Full Moon Love & Blessings!


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