I’ve been sitting. I’ve been judging. I’ve been questioning. I’ve been thinking. I’ve been talking about it… Authenticity.

In the exponentially growing businesses of yoga, health, wellness, and energy healing as well as guru discipleship, one apparent truth seems to be is that it is difficult to find an authentic practitioner, teacher, healer, etc. Each day, it seems a new type of energy healing or “new” spin on yoga becomes popular. And, we are constantly being inundated by images, visual representations, and 2-dimensional identities created as a way to get more ‘likes’ or ‘friends’ or gain more popularity. In this realm, authenticity is questionable, and requires discernment in order to navigate the surface waters.

How this topic showed up for me was through teaching yoga. Teaching yoga in a currently saturated market is competitive. You feel like you have to work at it to promote yourself, and create an experience that keeps students coming back. One day after teaching, I started to question my teaching style, and if it was working for my students. Typically, I don’t teach any vinyasa or flow in my classes, and on this one day I did. And, afterwards I felt that I wasn’t honoring myself or the tradition of yoga I am dedicated to. Then, I heard this voice say, “Stay in integrity.”

Staying in integrity equates to authenticity. In order to know this place, we have to do the inner-work that shows us what our own personal integrity looks like. And, then we have to show up for it everyday. After that class, I decided to show up for my own personal integrity and teach the way that is in alignment with who I am.

If we are looking to find authenticity in the world, first we need to see ourselves, and get to know our own authentic self. Then, we can express ourselves with authenticity and integrity. Through this process we can discern what is authentic for us and decide what works for our own personal journey.



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