Living from the heart…

Welcome to the year of the heart! This is the New Year of living from a new place, a place that we are intimately getting used to, a place that feels like we need to grow into, and don’t have a laid out plan for. This place is our heart.

Our heart wants to be heard. Our heart wants to explore the vast regions of what it means to be truly connected to life and each other. When we live disconnected from our heart, we are disconnected from our truest self, each other, and may not be open to receive the love, joy, abundance etc. that is right there waiting for us. This constant disconnection can lead to self-violence, anger, resentment, isolation, and as we have recently seen in the violence around the world. I feel that we all are poised to begin listening to our hearts. Everyone seems to be going through a transformation right now. And from the conversations I have had, I can intuitively say that it has to do with each one of us choosing to live a more purposeful, connected, engaged, and heart-centered life.

Living in our heart means being in our body and embodied. This means feeling it all. It even means feeling what hurts, and not running or shutting down from it, but simply letting it express itself.  It means being open to receive all that is present before us as it shows up. It means connecting and engaging with others in an openhearted way. Living from our heart means showing up for life. Living in our heart also teaches us to be  fearless and courageous as we begin to listen deeply to what our heart is saying to us. What do you do when you actually hear what it has to say?  The courage comes when we act on what our heart says. Wise action is part of the practice.

The more you act with your heart’s intentions, the more life comes into alignment. Quieting the ego-mind is not always that easy, yet an important step to begin to live in your heart-body. The mind has no idea what to do with itself once you start focusing on what your heart wants. It doesn’t like being in the back seat.

In this moment, take the time to listen to your heart. May it’s voice grow louder and louder.

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