Winter Solstice Thoughts

Winter Solstice has done its subtle dance, and we are all still here to receive the blessings of this new phase. May love and light increase in our lives, and in our world.  May the collective conscious experience the awakening of the new phase. Many blessings, and gratitude.

“Winter Solstice Thoughts”

The gift of…
unknown, and web of unexpected.
seeing, knowing that each choice made was made with purpose, as a step closer towards love.
his heart, his love, his eyes.
stepping into life, unwrapping, unraveling self.
new birth, new life, rasa, the sweet nectar of divine.
seeing all that is possible, and open to receive
the gifts of this life.

“Sand Dollars”

Sand dollars unfurled in a fit of tides caught in sand
one small gift, light left behind.
I think of the gifts along the way, like sand dollars that used to be used for currency.
A simple exchange, wisdom passed between hands on a journey.

On this journey, sand dollars, like gifts, may lie hidden in sand, in waves, waiting
to be received by open hearts, open hands as the tide falls and rests.


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