Yogis Please Vote!

(Normally, I do not write about politics in this space, but I have something to say. Thank you for reading.)

Have you read the newspapers lately? Have you read the online news, listened to NPR, watched the debates, or simply stopped watching, listening, or otherwise? For a period of time, I stopped engaging. I took a hiatus. Why? Because, I would get so angry and upset that I had to disconnect. Anger wasn’t comfortable, and truthfully it’s the one emotion I always have had trouble with in my personal life. Anger felt like a taboo emotion. Yet, anger always sparked action in me.  It stirred the warrior spirit in me to act. In a previous life, I was a political science major, an environmental activist, became a teacher, and protested at thirteen for animal rights. Now, this current election has me poised again, angry, and pissed off at the current worldly rumblings. I cannot disengage and disconnect from what is going on the world, not again. It’s too important at this time in our society.

What deeply upsets me at this current time is the division, hate, violence, and disregard for humanity. Right now, our rights as women are being challenged, and it’s disturbing. Since when did this “God” that the GOP talks so highly of become so cruel so as to suggest that a child born of rape is what “God” intended? I don’t want to know their “God.” It is also concerning to me that if Romney is elected he vows to no longer fund Planned Parenthood. For many women, Planned Parenthood is where we as women can go to get an exam for our health, not just for birth control purposes. He doesn’t want health insurance companies to cover birth control, and is determined to overturn Roe vs. Wade. Not to mention our earning gap as women continues to be lower and Romney intends to apparently keep it that way. As a woman I am concerned and feel anger. It is taking away all that our society has worked for in terms of women’s rights, and has a flavor of repression. Personally, I don’t care to be repressed, and will empower myself to continue to be brazen and empowered as a woman.

It is very apparent that our society is no longer focused on community, yet it is truly what we are all craving. When we live in separation it breeds competition, greed, hunger, and hate. We have been hyper-focused on individuality and self-interest that we have left behind the notion of living in sangha (community). And, I wonder what will it take for the shift to occur, when we all must truly rely on each other, and really be in community with one another. Will it take food lines? Will it take the “forces that be” threatening our very livelihood? Will it take more job losses? What will it take? I don’t know.

We are interconnected and each decision we make effects everything around us. We are all straddling between our own free will and the collective will of every being. Making conscious decisions that are in alignment with our own inner-light and truth will make a difference. We make a difference by eating organic foods, shopping locally, going to the farmer’s market, being mindful about what we consume, empowering ourselves, and so on. Yet, voting is one way we can make a difference, right now. We vote everyday by deciding how to live. And, by voting in this election we are making a choice on what we want our future to look like. I used to not vote, because I knew how manipulated the whole system was and well still is, yet, voting is a simple action I can take towards change as well as praying, sending love, blessings, and light out into the world.

This is my final caveat. Actors have a way of masking the truth. Politicians are great actors in a magnificent theatrical drama. Yet, the truth will always reveal itself. It is always present.

May all beings be free from suffering.

May all beings know peace.

One thought on “Yogis Please Vote!

  1. Thank you for your voice, my sweet friend. I too am concerned. Living in CA, I am able to vote early by mail and I sent in my ballot yesterday. I voted for Obama–a vote I believe will protect womens’ rights as well as civil rights and a vote to move in a progressive direction of working together.

    Here is a quote from FDR that inspires me and maybe will inspire others to vote!

    Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us. The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not a President and senators and congressmen and government officials, but the voters of this country.
    Franklin D. Roosevelt

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