Life’s transitions are either noticeable like a deep belly laugh at a funeral or quiet, subtle, and so sneaky that you may not even realize a transition just happened to you. Transitions are transformational. We transform. We open to change. We celebrate it, like a butterfly mutates, so do we, daily, all of the time, moment to moment. It’s the “big” more noticeable transitions that can make us squirm and feel uncomfortable, until we adapt to the new experience that is taking place within our lives, and really in ourselves.

As we encounter these transitions, how can we settle in and breathe through the nature of the experience? Currently, I’m in the process of moving out of my apartment and moving in with my partner. For most of us, moving is a highly stressful transition. I have moved many times, and each time it has been stressful. No matter how easy or simple you make it moving is a challenging transition. This week I definitely had my moments. Moving is also transformational. You detach. You give away collected artifacts you once coveted. You pack the past away and either ship it away for good or decide if it’s worth keeping. You get to begin a new experience in an entirely new space in a different way. It’s no surprise I keep seeing butterflies. They remind me that change and transitions are beautiful and that grace occurs in every moment.

So, how can we move through transitions with grace?

First of all, don’t panic. It’s really going to be okay, and it may even be the greatest transitory experience of your lifetime. Remember, you are not alone in your experience. Someone has gone through the same thing you have. Realize that any neurosis caused by the transition is normal. You may feel like you’ve lost your mind in a stack of boxes, you haven’t. You are not alone.

If you feel overwhelmed, change the experience by taking a break by stopping the overwhelming experience. Take a serious time out and relax. Go for a walk, run, go hiking, do a couple of back bends, or do something that will nourish you. Take some deep breaths and ask for a hug.

And, as I have learned recently, meet each moment as an opportunity to grow through the roadblocks that are stopping you from transformation. Think of the butterfly, it has no choice but to transform.



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