From Yes to No

“YES!” Do you say “yes,” too much like I do? Have you created an entire identity around being overly nice, a people pleaser, and a yes-woman/man? Have you gotten overwhelmed, gone into the ‘why’ did I agree to do that, or even felt frustrated with yourself for not saying, no,because you have burned out?

I am celebrating the power of saying, no.  And, lately it seems like I am being given opportunities that I need to simply say, no I am not available for that whatever that may be. This is new to me, and I am working on changing this energetic pattern. I needed to go from saying yes to no. I have created an identity based on pleasing everyone else, which means I say, “Yes I will help you,”  yes to everything and anything, because I want people to be happy and to help others. Then, I would get too busy, overwhelmed, and frustrated with myself. I would feel bad or guilty for saying no. I would feel like I had to explain why I was saying no. Yet, after the feeling of ‘bad or guilt’ moved on, I felt revitalized, as if I reclaimed part of my power I had given away in saying yes. I noticed how much of my energy was going to everyone else, and I was getting energetically drained.

When we say yes and really mean no we are giving our power away. And, in our constantly saying yes, people come to expect that we will always be available for them. This creates an imbalance of energy. In Reiki we learn that there must be an exchange of energy. For example, a practitioner is taught to receive payment or another form of trade for a Reiki treatment. This creates and establishes balance. We are all working to establish balance. If balance for ourselves, means not doing something that potentially will drain us then we have to learn the power of saying, no, to create a balanced and meaningful energetic exchange.

Part of moving from yes to no is discernment. It takes clearly seeing within ourselves whether or not we are energetically available for a particular situation or person, and coming to a place of yes or no. Then, taking responsibility for our decision. When we move into a place of discernment, we are acting with our integrity in check, and are being honest with ourselves and others, which creates harmony and balance.






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