5 Simple Reflections on Relationships

All human relationships give us the opportunity to grow, see ourselves as we are in any given moment, and awaken to love as it shows up. Relationships are sacred, even the difficult ones. The person you have chosen to be your partner is your perfect mirror. The right partner for you is the one that supports, loves, and allows you to be you. Relationships are the greatest opportunities to practice the work that gets into the inner caverns of your being, and you have this awesomely stunning opportunity to grow with someone else. What could be better?

After years of mistakes, heartache, and, well, a few disaster areas, I finally have gotten it right. I met him. Really! It’s possible. Dreams happen, I still have a hard time believing and need a pinch, a kick, a jolt at times to fully realize it.

Here it is:

1. Communicate. Do it every day. Share. Be boundless communicators.

2. Trust. Trust. Trust. As difficult as trust may be, fear blocks the heart from being open to receive the person before you.

3. Honor the relationship.

4. Love with all of your heart.

5. Create rituals that you share together.


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