How do you communicate your truth?

How do you say it? What part of you speaks?

Is it from a place of integrity? Are you communicating from your heart?

Can you communicate with your heart? Speak it LOUDLY!

What do you want to say that you have never ever said to anyone? Are you willing to say it? Do you dare? Will you say it with me?

Can you be really honest? And, deliver your message with honesty, truth, heart, and integrity? I will meet you here.

Listen. Quietly. It’s there. Waiting. It wants to be heard. It’s your unique voice ready to speak its brilliance.



1. sit quietly.


3.listen some more.

4. listen even more.

5. breathe into your heart. breathe deeply.

6. notice a thought. Is it a story? Is it ego-speak? Is it true? Is the thought you? Note what shows up.

7. breathe into your heart. breathe deeply.

8. AHHH breathe into the vastness of the expanding you.

9. sit quietly.

10. listen. listen. listen.

What does your heart want to say? Are you ready to say it and share it with the world?


Asanas for opening the throat chakra or vishuddha:

1. Ustrasana

2. Dhanurasana

3. Bhekasana-(frog pose)

4.Urdvha Dhanurasana

5. Jalandhara Bandha (chin lock) in seated meditation

Be who you are and shine on!

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