The Energy of Candida

Candida albicans is yeast, which grows in the gut and throughout other areas of the body. When your body is healthy and your gut bacteria is copacetic and feeling like its all in oneness, candida is in check, but when this very delicate system gets out of balance from birth control pills, use of antibiotics, too much sugar, diet, or other factors Candida throws a party in your gut kicking out all of the good for you bacteria-think yogurt cultures- and can seriously compromise your immune system. Candida has been known to cause IBS, food allergies, migraines, asthma, and inflammation. You can read more about this by going to the Yeast Connection.

Why talk about Candida? It’s personal, as I once was sick with this thing called Candidiasis, which some don’t even recognize as a problem.  There is a consciousness and energy connected to each illness. And, in order to heal that illness you have to look at the very consciousness of it. You can look at any physical factor you want or any symptom and treat it from that perspective, and it may not go away and in my experience it didn’t. You have to look to the actual underlying cause, but even beyond that I believe you have to go to the consciousness or energy of that specific illness. From my experience as a Reiki practitioner and in healing myself from Candida and gut dysbiosis or leaky gut syndrome, I have learned that it is possible to heal a chronic disease or illness. Is it simple? No, not always. You have to go through a lot of tests, trials, errors, mistakes as well as frustration and confusion at times. You have to look around. You have to look at every facet of your life that is replicating whatever illness you are experiencing. Where or what is out of balance in your life? Is a good question to ask at first.

My story with candida is maybe like many others. It started with just not feeling well and being really tired, and then came the not being able to eat anything part. The time when everything I ate made me feel sick, and no matter what I did or eliminated from my diet I was not well. I was bloated. I had acne. I was depressed. I couldn’t focus. My period was out of rhythm. And, the stomach pain was at times unbearable and I prayed for it to go away. I didn’t have a clue what was wrong with me. And, I felt like crap all of the time. There were times when I would eat something and couldn’t breathe, my face would swell, and I would go into an asthma attack for no reason other than I just had eaten something that reacted badly. This is the shortened version. I was sick for approximately 6-years with various related ailments. I tried everything and I mean everything. I went to an MD that told me I had IBS, and I should go see a GI doctor, but I knew that wouldn’t help. And, an allergist that told me I wasn’t allergic to anything, which I didn’t understand because every time I ate oranges I got sick. My Naturopathic Doctor must have run every test on my hair, stool even the actual DNA of my stool (yes, this test exists), countless blood tests, and then came the protocols.

There was the one where I didn’t eat any grains or sugars or also known as the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. There was the Marshall Protocol, which put me on a low dose of select antibiotics over a period of time and I had to avoid Vitamin D. There were several changes to my diet based on what protocol I was on. Basically, over the course of this time, I took a multitude of supplements, anti-fungals, and probiotics.  I was on a strict diet of no gluten, yeast, dairy, sugars, or eggs. Through all of this I came to discover I did have an intolerance to wheat and gluten, which after eating for my entire life had left my gut well in an unhealthy state of affairs. And, I still can’t eat wheat.

What actually helped and healed me was not all of the supplements that I took except for a few that I still swear by like probiotics fish oil, and the as needed remedies like Quercetin, Vitamin C, some Ayurvedic herbs as well as my rediscovered trace minerals. Also it is essential for me to keep a clean diet that is rich in whole organic foods, a light meat/fish protein diet, and seaweed. Now to the energy part. I started to look at how I was a victim to this illness. I was powerless to it. It won over and over again, because I will say Candida is so difficult to get rid of. It comes back after you go through one round of treating it, it reappears and sometimes stronger and more powerful than the last time. So, you have to go through another treatment plan with different supplements or anti-fungals, and that may not work. And, while you are experiencing this you go through the awesome experience of die off, which can feel like you have the flu but you don’t.

So there is this sense of powerlessness. Then, came the meeting with an Ayurvedic practitioner who changed my diet around because I was really tired of all of the supplements, and we started doing healing work together. He asked me one day something to the effect of  “How does your heart feel?” This I couldn’t answer. Then, came the process of looking at the energy or consciousness of this chronic illness I had, and why I still didn’t feel my best and why my heart was sick.

Candida takes your healthy state and turns it unhealthy. It creates imbalance. It causes inflammation. The whole process creates anger and frustration. If you have this or are sick of being sick you know what I mean. It takes away your life force and vitality. I decided to look to where my power was going and where and to whom I was giving it away to. I had to look at what was taking my life force away. (See my previous post Confession.)

The energy of Candida is just that powerlessness, and it is being in relationship with something that is taking from you. In Louise Hay’s book “Heal Your Body A-Z,” she says this about Candida “Feeling very scattered. Lots of frustration and anger. Demanding and untrusting in relationships. Great takers.” (Now, that I re-read this-it’s exactly this. This is the consciousness of this illness.) The truth is once I realized exactly how throughout my life I had given all of myself to others; I started to heal. I got better. I had to completely change my life, and my way of being in relationship with others. I had to love myself and take my power back from the parts of my life where I felt powerless.  I healed myself by making different choices about how I wanted to live my life, and choosing to love myself. Now, after the lessons of these past years, I have decided to choose those things that bring joy and love. Because, when we don’t choose what is our natural intelligence, which is to be happy and in balance, we end up sick for maybe a long time until we choose differently.

Thank you for hearing my story! If you have any questions or comments, please contact me directly.

**Please note I have no formal training in nutrition. This is based on a long history with this particular illness. I suggest seeing a Naturopathic Doctor, Ayurvedic Practitioner, and/or Functional Medicine Doctor to work with as well as someone who can work with you on the subtle body like a Reiki practitioner.**

Here are some things that did work throughout the process:

1. The Yeast Connection has a lot of resources and a test you can take. It provides a detailed list of foods to avoid.

2. Yogurt Lassi with homemade yogurt, cumin, and sea salt. If you would like to know how to make your own yogurt, please feel free to contact me.

3. Probiotics

4. A daily fiber drink like psyllium or ground flax seed

5. Vegetable juice made with a lot of greens

6. Nourishing soups like chicken soup or fresh vegetable

7. Amino Acid supplementation

8. Anti-fungal foods: ginger, garlic, cloves, parsley, oregano, turmeric

9. No yeast, vinegars, breads, sugar, dairy, and I would include night shades due to the fact that they cause inflammation.

10. Coconut oil-Tropical Traditions is one of the best I have found.

11. And, a liver supporting supplement or Vitamin C worked for me.

One thought on “The Energy of Candida

  1. Lots of great tips I feel like I’ve heard or have had personal experiences with a lot of the products and remedies you’re recommending! If you actually have time to reply to this post please email me as I would love to ask you more questions about this chronic illness! I have been struggling for around six years myself and felt like I had really felt better at one point but have struggled to stay a float lately!
    Sincerely Tara

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