Evolution, you are not always easy, yet you are a deeply beautiful process that when I fight your evolutionary flow, I hit a rock and life gets difficult.  Thank you for your rivers and the butterflies that show us evolution is happening every second of every moment within us and around us. When we choose evolution as a path, we are choosing healing.  Healing ourselves is one way we evolve ourselves. We make a choice to evolve a part of our self.  It’s like we are a beautiful river flowing and evolving. When we make a choice to evolve, we make a choice to face erosion of identities to experience our truest self, a choice to keep going through possible rapids even when we weren’t given instructions or a raft, a choice to allow ourselves to literally go with life’s flow even when it speeds up without warning, a choice to evolve with someone else, a choice to surrender…when we choose evolution, we must trust its awesome process.

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