I’ll start with Hafiz…






“The Beloved told Hafiz: “Make up your mind; to reach nirvana is a lofty goal. To get there, get out the map of love and find your way back to Me!” Hafiz from the poem “The Drinker of Dregs.”



I have been thinking about writing this post for a few days now, and it poses some heart-thinking. Heart thinking is like a back bending practice where some of those cobwebs hanging out in our hearts come untangled.

How do you ask for love? We all ask for love in an awesome amount of ways. It’s embedded in our behaviors, our patterns, and how we interact with the world. When I observe my students I look at the myriad of ways they are asking for love. Their negative attention seeking behaviors are saying, “love me,” “pay attention to me please,” and “I want love.” At the end of the day, our emotional health and well being can depend on love. Is it that we are looking for someone to love, or love us, or be in partnership with, or are we truly looking to love ourselves more deeply? Aren’t we all truly asking for greater acceptance and love of self?

I think that through our intimate connections with others we are simply learning how to love ourselves more completely.  This means love ourselves unconditionally. I think that relationships are one way we practice this notion of unconditional love, whether it be a relationship with our partner, our friends, lovers, and/or parents. Can we truly accept and love everyone as they show up in our lives with all of their flaws, imperfections, quirks, dark sides, and unique light? Can we truly look at ourselves and see where we don’t love ourselves? And, where we go to judgment and criticism instead of accepting and loving? How can we love more openly and without condition? I feel that we can learn to love ourselves and others without condition…letting love be something that flows in us and through us.

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