The only thing that is certain in this life is impermanence and change. When we are in the midst of change and transition, we have a choice to go with the current or resist the change, or fight it madly. However, when we flow with change, life is in harmony. It has this harmonizing flow to it, even when there is a hiccup in the stream. Hiccups happen and that too is part of the harmony.

After this New Year’s and calling in my dear sister, Amy, for her assistance with some healing work and release of the past, it all feels healed and new. Truly, new. Sometimes, there is a subtle change you don’t feel at all, but this one feels big, like a hurrah! like a woohoo! like a deep full belly of laughter!

And, the one change I’m making in my use of language is the following one the use of the word “hard.” I say it way too frequently, as in, “That was one of the hardest days,” or “Life can be so hard,” or “This is so hard and I’m so sick of it, and I can’t do it anymore” which is normally in response to my job. The other is “sorry.” I feel like the queen of saying, “I’m sorry.” Why do we say this word so much. There is too much “sorrying” going around, especially for things that don’t even require an, “I’m sorry.” And, I’m sure if I started counting how many times, I said “I can’t do my job anymore. I’m so sick of it, and I hate it.” I may meet some record. I actually did count, and write down every time I said or thought this. It was a lot.  In changing the words I use and speak or think, I ultimately change my reality. Instead, I’ll use “easy” and not “hard”, say sorry when I truly mean it, and go to work being thankful I have a job even if it is no longer what I want to be doing…that too will change.

One thought on “Change

  1. I guess it’s time for me to follow in that same thought. You are so insightful, but more than that, just the call to be more positive makes me think, “Yes, I can rethink the negativity and become more positive…period!”

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