Learning to Dance


Winter Solstice, I dance and celebrate your arrival, playing with shadows and light laying  beneath covers of snow, making snow angels on mountaintops, falling in love with reflections and mirrors, embracing love in all the possible ways it shows up, and learning how to receive.  Today, on this solstice, I set intentions to let go of what no longer serves me,  to receive abundance and guidance of what leap to take next…or well maybe the leap is already happening. And, after living in Santa Fe now for more than six-months, I’ve decided to stay and root into this place. This is my home and living life here feels sweet.

Last night, practice was devoted to forward and backward bends. It made me think of the seasons and solstice. During the winter we fold into ourselves, we may go into paschimottanasana, janu sirasana, and deep forward bends in our practice to know deep quiet and rest. Then, we come into spring with back bends, like kapotasana, or urdvha danurasana,  opening ourselves and releasing what was learned in the winter months. In practicing this way we can explore dark to light, and learn to dance with our own reflection.

“Learning to Dance”

Learning to dance must be like this…
dance floor slick, feet nimble, vulnerable
partner’s feet step in more and more each time, then at times step away
bodies glide together like pieces of silk embracing
divine shadow moves into spotlight
reflecting shadows now known
secrets lovers play with
transforming shadows reflecting you
the perfect partner
Learning to dance must be like this.


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