I must be honest this Mecury retrograde has been quite the whirlwind, and with the full moon and lunar eclipse happening, phew. I’ve decided to sit, sit in what’s happening. Sometimes, this is all we can do. It’s that old adage, when you don’t know what to do, do nothing. Lately, I’m keenly observing patterns, my own that is, in relationships with others, with the stories I tell myself, with how I’ve lived my life. My life coach has helped me get clear on how these things are holding me back from living my truth and dreams. It’s been fun and well exhausting. You can’t hide from your shadow, you must meet it. I mean it’s there  to serve a purpose, to teach us–right. Well, in the spirit of this retrograde, I’m meeting these patterns and saying goodbye, and transforming them. I’ve had them for quite some time (especially the one where I give so much that I have nothing left-ugh), and they are making me ache in places…like my heart and my knee.  Sometimes transformation feels like a hurricane on the inside—okay I’m being dramatic, but it can create a stir until it settles and your on the other side. And, honestly, all I want to do during these times is supta badha konasana, savasana…and eat chocolate.



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