Stopping to Breathe.

Sometimes our daily lives are so constant, we are in a constant state of motion in our minds, our bodies, our hearts. We are going, going, going. We sometimes don’t take the time to stop, to listen, to stop the motion. As a teacher, I am constantly on GO. And truthfully, I have found it a challenge to create “stopping” points in my day. Sometimes, my stopping points appear at random moments during my day like when I walk to lunch or chant before eating, and they become sacred.  When I take time to sit for 30 minutes or practice asana for an hour. It’s like receiving the best gift, because it’s a gift to myself.  Those of us who work 40-plus hours a week, which is most of us, don’t always have this time to stop and turn off GO. We have to create the stopping points, the pause, the stopping to breathe.

This weekend I took a day to stop. I spent the day in silence, which I haven’t done in awhile. It felt so nourishing. I started the day with meditation and yoga. Then, a walk, a nap, and some journaling. I ended the day with restorative yoga, meditation, and then a long nap. In stopping to breathe and create space for clarity, I rested deeply in myself.  Mostly, I remember the way the snow fell over the mountains, as if I hadn’t ever seen it before, and learned the true meaning of intimacy.

3 thoughts on “Stopping to Breathe.

  1. Oh, sigh – these are the best days! I try to make time regularly and observe “mouna”, silence, just the way I do when staying at an ashram. The changes I feel happening within are priceless. And honestly, are not most of the things we’re chatting about all day long, well, not THAT important anyway? 😉

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