gratitude, you are so simple at times.

like the zucchini bread recipe passed down from grandmother, mother, to me.

like the quiet of the mountains in the morning and subtle dance of pines.

like holding your hand.

like supta badha konasana, supported.

like stopping and letting breath be food.

like knowing that we are never alone.

like the cooking of a meal.

like knowing that those you love are truly not too far away.

gratitude for the arrivals, meeting points, in betweens, the waves.

gratitude for family, friends, and ancestors.

gratitude for the gifts that arrive.

gratitude for being here.



The holidays for many are a time where some are reminded of what’s missing, whether it be family or friends, but for some it’s food, clothing, and shelter. May we all take time to be grateful for the blessings in our life, and be thankful for sharing our lives together as one family. Blessings & Peace.



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