Aspen glow, and frost on evergreens, and a little snow is reminder of lessons learned. Emily Dickinson wrote in one of my favorite poems, “A word is dead when it is said, some say…” Intentions, I have learned can be like words.  We set so many intentions, like we say so many words without meaning or conscious thought at times. Bringing consciousness into our intentions is bringing meaningful, heartfelt, compassionate action into our lives.  I have learned over and over, it is action that counts. We may all have the best of intentions, and we all may have pure, meaningful intentions for ourselves, and ask for them to happen, but what are they without our own willpower and action. I look back and realize that the most powerful intentions are the ones I took action on, like moving to Santa Fe or taking a chance on something that felt uncomfortable. The ones I didn’t act on evaporated like fog. (that’s probably no accident) It’s like that… you can say anything, set any intention, yet the action, the showing up is what matters and is remembered.

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